About Us

About our establishment

Embark on a transformative journey with peblink, where we unite industries, universities, and students in a powerful collaboration that redefines the workforce landscape. This synergy is the answer everyone has been eagerly anticipating. It’s the fusion of industry insights, academic knowledge, and student potential that propels us into a future of unparalleled innovation and success. Join us as we break down silos, bridge gaps, and create a collaborative ecosystem where the workforce of tomorrow is not just envisioned but actively shaped. The wait is over; the future of collaboration is now, and it begins with peblink.

Level Playing Field

At peblink, we believe in making transformative education accessible to all. Thanks to our strategic corporate partnerships and our commitment to affordability, every student has the opportunity to engage in enriching company partner projects. We ensure inclusivity by judging participants solely on their individual merit, using industry metrics as our benchmark. Our ethos is rooted in providing a level playing field for all aspiring learners, fostering a culture where talent shines, and opportunities abound. Join us in breaking down barriers to education and unleashing the potential within each student through our inclusive and industry-driven programs. The future of learning is here, and it’s for everyone.

Our Purpose

“To provide students with real-world, meaningful learning in a safe environment to become globally competitive.”

Our Team

Sally Ricker, EdD


Martin Sekel


“I’m excited to lead this initiative to overhaul education and provide students with life-changing experiences.”

Sally Ricker